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  Skystream 600 wind turbine


Introducing Skystream 600 –
The Most Efficient, Easy-to-Use Small Wind Turbine

Skystream 600 is the most efficient grid-connected personal wind turbine ever produced. Depending on tower height, turbulence factors and other environmental conditions, Skystream will produce up to 7,400 kWh of low-cost energy per year. According to the Energy Information Administration, that's 60% of the energy an average American home consumes.

Skystream 600 Features

  • Sleek design and aesthetics. Including monopole towers of varying heights
  • Large blade span for superior energy capture
  • Sophisticated integrated inverter and controls
  • Web-based Skyview™ system for remote performance and lifestyle monitoring
  • In low to moderate winds, it produces 74% more energy than its predecessor, the Skystream 3.7

Get Notified When Skystream 600 is Available

Skystream 600 is available in North America only in Spring 2011. We will notify of availability in other parts of the world as the system is developed.


Turbine Product Overview 

 Based on our wide portfolo of turbines, from the Air Breeze wind turbine that produced 400-600 watts to our 30kW unit that produces 30,000 watts of power at their respective peak levels.  We are glad to bring American made products to the yard of americans everywhere.

If you have every told youself this phrase "Man, we get alot of wind here."  Your best move is to get one our residential turbines put up on your property, use the wind to your advantage.

Our most popular turbines are the Skystream 3.7, Aerostar 6 Meter (10kW) and Aerostar 11 Meter (30kW)

The Skystream 3.7

is the perfect sized turbine for common residential use.  Your Skystream works in tandem with your electric utility to power your house. When the wind isn’t blowing, the utility supplies your electricity. But when it’s windy out, your Skystream pivots to catch the best wind and provides clean, quiet electricity. When it generates more electricity than you need, your meter can actually spin backwards—which means you’re essentially selling electricity back to the utility.


with a rated capacity of 2.4 kW, Skystream can provide anywhere from 40%-90% of a household's or small business's total energy needs.  Because it operates at a low RPM, Skystream is as quite as the trees blowing in the wind.

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